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Written by Thomas Morrow   
Wednesday, 03 September 2014 07:39

Coaches - Please bring your Kid-Safe-Card and all your player ID cards, all cards laminated, to all games or your games will likely be scored a forfeit.  If you have not received your Kid-Safe-Card or your players’ ID cards, you need to work with your club representatives as quickly as possible to get all those items together before your teams play their first games.

Question#1: Assuming the coach of record does not have a Kid-Safe-Card, what is the requirement for a parent to be on the sideline as an acting coach if the coach did not have Kid-Safe-Card.
The referee should note that the coach of record did not have his/her Kid-Safe-Card.  The coach cannot present his/her driver’s license and coach or be on the sideline with the kids.  If another person (assistant coach, team manager, or parent) presents a Kid-Safe-Card, that person may coach the team on the sideline.  If no one has a Kid-Safe-Card, a volunteer parent may step up to be with the kids on the side line.  The volunteer parent must present a valid US driver’s license and the Referee should write the parent’s full name on the game card exactly as it appears on the driver’s license.  The state and driver’s license number should also be noted on the card.

Question#2: Does the referee allow a player to play if :
     1-     Her/his cards is not laminated
            The player can play but the referee should note that the card was not laminated.  The D&P committee will act based on what is written on the game card.  If a player's card is not laminated and that player plays in the game, the game will be scored a forfeit against the team who played the player whose card was not laminated.

      2-     His/her name is not in the game’s card or was handwritten in the game’s card.
             a.  If the player’s name is not on the card or is handwritten but the player has an ID card:  The player can play.  If the name is not handwritten on the card, the referee should write the player’s name on the card.  The D&P committee will review the facts and decide if action needs to be taken.

            b.  If the player does not have an ID card, the player can’t play. Without an ID card, there is no proof of insurance and it is just too risky to allow the child to play without an ID card.
      (the referee will note the above in both game reports)


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