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Written by Lester Pasarell   
Wednesday, 23 September 2009 22:15

As a result of questions posed by several leagues about scrimmage games or including non-USYS teams in their league schedule, the following information is provided. Please be sure that your clubs are aware of this information in order to assure that all games and activities are properly sanctioned. If you have additional questions, please contact Tom or Linda at the State Office.

Play between affiliated (STYSA-registered) and non-affiliated (US Club, AYSO, etc) teams is not sanctioned by South Texas Youth Soccer Association.

The various insurance coverages supplied by STYSA to its affiliated players, coaches, administrators, and facilities covers only activities sanctioned by STYSA. The coverages are not in effect when players, coaches, and facilities participate in non-STYSA sanctioned events.

In order to assure STYSA players, coaches and facilities have the appropriate insurance coverage and are in compliance with the rules regarding the participation of teams from non-US Youth Soccer entities, the following options are available:

* dual registering the players and coaches registered with non-affiliated organizations with both entities, (i.e. US Club registered players may dual register with STYSA,

* get the event properly sanctioned by submitting a completed Application to Host Games for an ‘unrestricted’ event. The Application to Host Games must be approved by the President of the Member Association through which the STYSA participants are registered and by the State Association. The application fee for an unrestricted event is $350.

It should also be noted that STYSA coaches or administrators who fail to comply with these requirements and thereby place the players, coaches, clubs, associations, and facilities at risk are subject to disciplinary action for misconduct and are at risk of losing their right to coach teams within South Texas Youth Soccer Association.

Linda J. Miller
STYSA State Office
15209 Hwy 290 East
Manor, TX 78653
(512) 272-4553
(512) 272- 5167 Fax
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